How to Set Up Questions & Adding to a Journey

Modified on Fri, 05 Apr 2024 at 02:55 PM

Please note that Wireless One self-serve tools are currently in testing and not yet available to all users.

What are Questions?

Questions are prompts guests answer when logging into WiFi. They're useful for market research, lead generation, and promoting new menus/events. 

Types of questions: 

  • Text: Free text box

  • MultiChoice: Select from 2  or more choices with checkbox or dropdown.

  • Single Choice: Choose from 2 or more options using radio buttons or dropdown.

  • True/False: Answer with a checkbox for true/false.

  • Rating: Rate with options like stars or circles.

  • Country: Choose country via name select or dropdown.

Creating Questions

  1. Head to the "Configure WiFi" section and select "Questions."

  2. Click on the "Add Question" button located in the top right-hand corner.

  3. You will be directed to the question builder to start configuring your question. Fill in the following details:

  • Question Text: Input the customer-facing question, such as "How did you hear about us?"

  •  Type: Choose the question type (e.g., Multiple Select, Single Choice, Yes/No, True/False, Freetype). 

  • Appearance: The system may auto-select this, but based on the question type, you can choose the appearance of the answer field (e.g., stars or circles for ratings).

  • Placeholder Text: Optionally, provide additional information to prompt a response.

  1. Set Question Requirements. Choose from three options:

  • Mandatory: Guests must answer the question to progress with their login journey.

  • Ask Once: Optional; if skipped, it won't be asked again on the next login.

  • Ask Repeatedly: Optional; if skipped, it will be asked again on the next login until answered.

  1. Once you've configured the question to your satisfaction, click "SAVE" to ensure your settings are preserved.

  • You'll be returned to the Questions Manager, where you can view your newly created question.

Adding Questions to your Login Journey

Create multiple questions and selectively display them by adding them to your Login Journey. Customise the question title, description, and appearance to align with your branding.

  • Make sure a question is already set up (above section)

  • Open the login journey you want to add it to (configure wifi > login journeys)

  • Drag question node to login journey before the online node to ensure it is visible to all guests.

  • Click the ‘edit’ button

  • Add in a Header (optional) e.g ‘Just a quick question…’

  • Choose question(s) in question node editor

  • Select the Standard full screen image page to add in a background image/video

  • Click ‘close’

  • Make sure it is connected to journey after the login page

  • Save journey

Ensure question node is placed before the online node so then it is visible to all guests.

Enhance with Decision Logic

In the Login Journey builder, leverage Decision Logic to enhance questions. For instance, set up follow-up questions based on responses (e.g., "If you answered Other, please specify").

  • On Insights, go to Configure WiFi > Login Journeys.

  • From the table, open the login journey where you want to add a decision.

  • Drag a decision node from the list on the left of the login journey editor.

  • Click the ‘edit’ icon.

  • Choose your type of decision (e.g., Date Selector).

  • Set up your decision option(s) (e.g., between 01/12/23 - 26/12/23)

  • Close the decision node editor when you’re finished.

  • Connect the decision node and option(s) to the Question node 

  • Save the journey to update the configuration.

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