How to Set Up a Redirect(s) (Single and Multiple)

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What are Redirects?

A redirect is the URL your guests will be directed to after connecting to guest WiFi. You can have a universal redirect or set up multiple redirects based on conditions such as device type or venue.

Creating/Amending a single redirect:

  • Log in to your Insights platform.

  • On the left-hand side, locate and drop down the "Configure Wi-Fi" section.

  • Select the "Login Journeys" option.

  • A list of all created journeys will be displayed. Click the 'New Journey' button to create a new one or select an existing journey from the list.

  • Drag the ‘Go to URL’ node in the journey builder (under the show page node) onto the journey

Begin at this stage to simply update a redirect

  • Click the edit button to access URL settings.

  • Paste the desired redirect URL in the provided box and click ‘close’

  • Ensure the connector arrow links 'Online' and 'Go To URL' nodes.

  • Click the 'Save Journey' button to save your redirect setup.

Advanced Redirect Strategies

Adding Multiple Redirects to an Existing Journey

  • Log in to Insights and go to Configure WiFi > Login Journeys.

  • Click on the journey you want to edit.

  • Drag a 'Decision' node to the journey builder.

  • Choose your type of decision (e.g., Age)( See our decisions guide for more options)

  • Set up your decision option(s) (e.g., between 18 - 25).

  • Connect the 'Online' node to your decision node.

  • Add 'Go to URL' nodes for each redirect.

  • Set the URL for each node.

  • Connect each decision to the corresponding redirect.

  • Click 'Save' to save and update the login journey.

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