Micro Surveys Explained

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A micro survey is a 1-4 question survey that you can ask your guests whilst they are logging into wifi. These questions can be free text, multiple choice or rating based. These short surveys can help drive promotions, gather vital guest feedback, and further segment audiences for your marketing communications.


There are a wide range of use cases for micro surveys, such as:


  • Identifying guest dietary preferences for comms segmentation and informing menu development
  • Market research, operationally finding out where resources are best placed. “Would you prefer ordering from the Bar, Table Service or our Order and Pay App?”
  • Lead Generation & Sales tools, “Would you be interested in hearing about our private hire packages for parties?”
  • Advertising/Retail touch point “Did you know that we are launching X on this date?” / “Did you know that we now sell gift vouchers?”


You can quickly and easily set up a new micro survey by following the steps below.


Setting up a micro survey

  1. Log into the onboarding portal and navigate to Marketing > Micro surveys
  2. Click on Create new micro survey
  3. Give your new micro survey a name and assign the ownership level to your main account (not a specific venue or group)

4. Add your questions and answer options. We recommend keeping this to a maximum of 1 or 2 questions at a time. This preserves a good guest login experience and encourages high response rates.

Rating questions
 Rating questions allow you to check on the sentiment towards certain aspects of your venue, service or offerings. You can receive answers as stars, numbers or smiley faces.


b) Multiple choice questions

This type of question allows the guest to choose from a list of up to 5 answer options. This is the most commonly used question format and is a great way to receive consistently formatted responses that can be used for segmentation.


c) Text box questions

Text box questions allow the guest to type whichever response they want. These are best used for any open ended questions, but we don’t often recommend using one to capture anything you would like to use for segmentation as responses can vary so greatly.



5. The next step is to configure your options on the right-hand side. You can add a short description to your survey which will appear under the survey name. You can also give guests the option to skip the survey if they don’t wish to respond. The next 2 options are to either include the survey in the login journey (highly recommended) or delay and send via email.

6. Click save and preview your survey. If you’re happy with this, then you can publish to make it available for use. Please not that once published, a survey cannot be amended.


Pro Tips:

  • Keep your survey to 1 or 2 questions to maximise your response rate
  • Remember that a guest will most likely complete this at the start of their visit – bear this in mind when choosing questions as they usually would not have eaten/drank/played yet.
  • If your CRM allows, ask our team to help you push responses over so you can easily view and use your response data


Adding a micro survey to an access journey


To make a micro survey appear when a guest logs into wifi, you must add it to the appropriate access journey. 


Find and open the access journey under Onboarding > Access Journey, then navigate to the Micro Survey tab to select it from the dropdown list.



Viewing micro survey results


You can view a report on your micro survey responses in the onboarding portal. You can find them under Campaigns > Micro surveys

Select the micro survey you want to view results for from the list and click ‘View full report’ to see the following information:


  • Number of total participants (people who have seen the survey)
  • Number of responses received
  • Number of people who opted out (skipped the survey)
  • Summary of responses to each question


You can also click the ‘Download’ button in the top right to download a PDF of this report, or a CSV version to see individual responses line-by-line.


Sending micro survey responses to you


We have 2 options for sending micro survey responses to you:


  • Send via encrypted CSV file
  • Send directly to your CRM


Sending via CSV would involve an email being sent on a regular basis, with an encrypted CSV breakdown of responses attached. This can include or exclude PII data.


Sending to your CRM would depend on 2 things: that your CRM has the capabilities to receive micro survey data and that we have an API integration with your CRM provider. We have over 60 integrations at the moment, including the most popular hospitality CRM systems such as Airship, Atreemo and Mr Yum Connect (formerly Sproutsend).


If you would like to set up either of these options, please contact your Account Manager, or our Customer Success team on cs@wireless-social.com, who can help you with this.

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