Your Dashboard Explained

Modified on Tue, 14 Feb 2023 at 10:03 AM

The dashboard is the first page shown upon logging in to Insights, here you will have some key stats displaying for your estate. 


Complete the filters along the top to load the required data. Your Dashboard will default to displaying data from the past 7 days for your entire estate at first login. See here for more information on filters.

The Vs. Previous Period tool will auto calculate based on the time range selected. E.g. If you view data from the last 7 days, V.s Previous period will show you the comparison from 7 days before this.


The Logins figure will show you the total Number of Wi-Fi logins (by new or repeat users). This includes multiple visits by the same person.

New Users

This shows how many brand new users logged in to WiFi for the first time during the time period selected.

Repeat Logins

This shows how many logins were from visitors who have previously logged into the WiFi at least once before.

Social Login Rate

This shows what percentage of your visitors have logged in through a social method on your splash page, such as Facebook or Twitter. The remaining percentage would have logged in through the manual login form.

Opt-in Rate

This shows what percentage of your Wi-Fi new users have opted-in to receive marketing through the Wi-Fi login journey.

New Marketable Users

This is the total amount of new opted-in email addresses we have collected, and will be sending to your CRM to begin receiving marketing communications.

You can download this page into a PDF document using the ‘download button’ 

You can also choose to ‘schedule a report. Note: This will not schedule a full report breakdown- only the dashboard page. 

Here's a video guide on the Dashboard: 

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