Logins Report Explained

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Standard Reports > Logins 

To find this report:

1. Head to Insights > Standard Reports on the left-hand side menu

2. In the drop-down menu > select Logins

On the Logins report page you will find 5 charts. Detailed numbers can be seen when hovering over a date/week/month on the relevant chart:

Wifi Logins

The Wi-Fi Logins chart will show you the total Number of Wi-Fi logins (by new or repeat users). This includes multiple visits by the same person.

New vs. Repeat

The New vs. Repeat graph shows how many brand new users logged in each day for the first time during the time period selected (in blue). In red, you will see the amount of logins that were repeat visitors. Hover over the bars on this graph to see exact figures.

Login Method

The Login Method chart will show you a percentage breakdown of Wi-Fi logins between new users using a social media account (such as Facebook) and new users choosing to log in by registration form

Marketing Opt-in

This is the opt-in rate graph and it shows you the percentage of guests who have opted in to marketing.

This is done by their first login date (repeat guests won’t be included in this) and a good percentage is 60-70%.

This graph is really useful if you’ve recently changed your marketing message, as you can then see if this has affected your opt-in rate by tracking % before & after.

New Marketable Users

New marketable users will show you how many new guests have logged in, provided an email address and opted into marketing.

This chart is a good indication of how many new lines of data are being pushed into your CRM system every day.


The charts on this page can be further filtered using the filter options above the charts:

  • Date range you want to see the data for:

  • Venue Group or individual venue:

  • View the data by a certain metric e.g. day, week, month, year or day of the week or hour of the day etc:

  • Add a calendar marker onto the chart to identify events that may have affected the data. These calendar markers can then be applied to charts for a visual representation of changes in data. See more on the Calendar feature here.


  • Each chart will have a ? icon in the top right corner, that will provide helpful information about the report and an option to Download the chart into an Excel document.

  • In the top right corner, you will also see buttons to Schedule the Logins report to automatically be delivered to a user’s email address and a download button to generate a PDF copy of the Logins report. See more information about scheduling reports here.

Here's a short video with more information on the Logins Report:

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