Custom Reports Widgets Explained - Ranking & Benchmarking

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What is benchmarking?

Comparing your metrics both internally (performance between venues or groups within your organisation) or externally (competitors within the same industry).


How can this report help you?

This report allows you to measure customer loyalty and the effectiveness of your marketing efforts by understanding where you rank across the industry from the data you have collected. This can benefit your business by:

·       Observing what is working and what is not

·       Continuing to improve your internal operations

·       Gain a strategic advantage over competitors who do not have access to the reports, thus supporting your overall company goals and visions.

·       Create a sense of ‘competition’ within your own venues based on performance


In order to set up your own bespoke benchmarking report, please log in to the Insights platform and use the following instructions:


1.        Select the report you would like to add the benchmarking report to (If you do not have an existing report setup- please see our guide on how to create a custom report here)

2.       Select the ‘edit’ button in the top right-hand corner of the report

3.       Click ‘add widget’

4.       Select ‘Ranking’ from the drop-down list



  • Ranking against other operatorsThis shows where you rank amongst other operators within the same industry. Each bar represents an operator who uses Wireless Social.

  • Ranking against your venues: Compare the performance of your own venues against each other


Select the industry which you would like to report on (if you are unsure of which industry you fall into, please reach out to your Account Manager)

Select the metric you would like to report on from the drop-down list;

- New User Rate

- Social Login Rate

- Non- Social Login Rate

- Opt-in Rate

- Repeat Rate

- Average Login per-User


You can select the date range for the report (by selecting ‘choose dates’, you can pick a specific date period)

Select the venue(s)/group(s) to report on (any venue groups you have created will be displayed here also if you would like to create a venue group, check out a how-to guide here)


You can also include any universal or bespoke segments to be included in the report (if you would like to set up bespoke segments, see how to here)


 ‘+ Add comparison’ - Compare against either the previous period or the same period the previous year (optional)

Select ‘+ Add colour’ (this feature allows you to further customise your report, which is highly useful for visual analytics and presentations, by clicking on the colour bar, you can customise it to your brand colours or display it as a ‘traffic light’ gradient and tailor the percentages. (optional)


Title your report and click ‘ok’ in the bottom right-hand corner


You have now successfully created your benchmarking report which will appear on your custom report and will be scheduled to those who are set up to receive that report!

If you want to duplicate an existing widget on your custom report, it's super easy.

  1. Locate the widget you want to duplicate 

  2. Click on the 'duplicate icon' (usually represented by two overlapping squares or rectangles).

This allows you to quickly create multiple copies of a widget without starting from scratch.  It's a handy way to save time and maintain consistency in your reporting.

Here's a video guide on our Ranking & Benchmarking feature: 

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